2013 June UGC NET Solved Question Paper in Tribal and Regional Language Paper 3

Read the following passage carefully and answer question No. 1 – 5: “In the present state of the country, its defence has become all the more important. All the national planning activities should be viewed from this angle. The main base of a countries power is its economic stability. Economists are of the opinion that the economic condition of India is more stable in comparison to many other countries. Yet, we should always be prepared to make sacrifices for its defence and all round progress.”


1. What would be the proper heading of this passage?

(A) Economic discipline

(B) Importance of defence of a country.

(C) Sacrifice

(D) Planning

Answer: (B)


2. Which is more important for the country at present?

(A) Defence

(B) Food policy

(C) Economists

(D) Sacrifice

Answer: (A)


3. What is the main base of country’s power?

(A) Economic stability

(B) Defence

(C) Sacrifice

(D) Planning

Answer: (A)


4. From which angle the national planning should be viewed?

(A) Economic stability

(B) Defence

(C) Sacrifice

(D) Character

Answer: (B)


5. What is the opinion of the economists on the economic condition of the country?

(A) Good

(B) Bad

(C) Better than many countries

(D) Normal

Answer: (C)


6. What is the main problem of Jharkhand?

(A) Illiteracy

(B) Displacement

(C) Migration

(D) Minerals

Answer: (B)


7. Identify the tribe related to weaving

(A) Ansari

(B) Swansi

(C) ChikBadaik

(D) Birjia

Answer: (C)


8. What is ‘Devigudi’?

(A) Place of worshipping Durga

(B) Sarna

(C) Meeting place

(D) Akhra

Answer: (A)


9. Which is the second State language in India?

(A) English

(B) Urdu

(C) Hindi

(D) Devnagri

Answer: (B)


10. In which tribe of Jharkhand Tiljang’ custom is present?

(A) Oraon

(B) Munda

(C) Santhal

(D) Kharia

Answer: (D)

11. ‘Amanburu’ is related to

(A) Asur colony

(B) Birhor colony

(C) Refugee colony

(D) Birsa Munda

Answer: (B)


12. What is the traditional profession of Swansi Caste?

(A) Farming

(B) Weaving

(C) Making utensils

(D) Labourer

Answer: (B)


13. Which among the following is not a primitive tribe?

(A) Pahadia

(B) Birjia

(C) Asur

(D) Gond

Answer: (D)


14. Statue of Tilka Manjhi is established inwww.netugc.com

(A) Dumka

(B) Pakur

(C) Bhagalpur

(D) Rajmahal

Answer: (C)


15. ‘Dirichapi’ custom is related to

(A) Munda tribe

(B) Ho tribe

(C) Oraon tribe

(D) Santhal tribe

Answer: (A)


16. Assertion (A): There is difference between Adivasi and Sadan.

Reason (R): Because their festivals are different.

(A) (A) and (R) both are correct.

(B) (R) is correct, not (A).

(C) (A) and (R) both are wrong.

(D) (A) is correct, not (R).

Answer: (A)


17. Soharai festival is related to

(A) Burning light

(B) Cattle worship

(C) New food

(D) End of rain

Answer: (B)


18. Which tribe worship in ‘Jaher era’?

(A) Santhal

(B) Pahadia

(C) Baiga

(D) Mahali

Answer: (A)


19. How many Scheduled Tribes are in Jharkhand?

(A) 18

(B) 31

(C) 32

(D) 41

Answer: (C)


20. In which year the CNT Act was promulgated?

(A) 1920 A.D.

(B) 1908 A.D.

(C) 1857 A.D.

(D) 2000 A.D.

Answer: (B)

21. ‘O wind thou flow slowly’. What is ‘wind’ in this sentence?

(A) Noun

(B) Pronoun

(C) Adjective

(D) Adverb

Answer: (A)


22. For which language Yogendra Nath Tiwari has worked?

(A) Hindi

(B) Kurmali

(C) Nagpuri

(D) Khortha

Answer: (C)


23. To which group of sound Pa, Pha, Ba, Bha, Ma belong?

(A) Bilabial

(B) Gutteral

(C) Dental

(D) Palatal

Answer: (A)


24. Identify the correct match:

(A) i. Cow                   i. Noun

(B) ii. They                  ii. Indefinite pronoun

(C) iii. I                       iii. Third person

(D) iv. Someone          iv. Second person

Answer: (A)


25. What type of difference is in dialect and language?

(A) Like water and milk

(B) Like garden and grove

(C) Like flower and fruit

(D) Like daughter and daughter in law

Answer: (D)


26. Following are the examples of interjectional or Pooh-Pooh theory of the origin of language?

(A) Aha, Chhih, Oh, hay

(B) Khat-Khat, Jhan-Jhan, Dhadadhad

(C) Ho-Ho, Hun-Hun, Haiya-Ho

(D) Ram-Ram, Hare-Hare, Sheo- Sheo

Answer: (A)


27. What type of change is in Megh> Meh, Stan > Than, Snan>Nahana?www.netugc.com

(A) Word change

(B) Sound change

(C) Meaning change

(D) Idea change

Answer: (B)


28. What is the field of study of semantics?

(A) Economics

(B) Elevation of meaning

(C) Deterioration of meaning

(D) Different aspects of meaning

Answer: (D)


29. To which category the Chinese Script belong?

(A) Symbolic

(B) Phonetic

(C) Pictograph

(D) Ideograph

Answer: (C)


30. What is the order of words in English sentence?

(A) Subject → Object → Verb

(B) Verb → Object → Subject

(C) Object → Subject → Verb

(D) Subject → Verb → Object

Answer: (D)


31. ‘Jiske pas vidya hai, uska sarvatra adar hota hai.” What kind of sentence is this?

(A) Complex sentence

(B) Compound sentence

(C) General sentence

(D) Simple sentence

Answer: (A)


32. Who is not a linguist among the following?

(A) Bholanath Tiwari

(B) Devendra Nath Sharma

(C) George Abraham Grierson

(D) Kamta Prasad Guru

Answer: (D)


33. Identify the correct match:

Language        Script

a. Hindi           i. Arabic

b. Chinese       ii. Olchiki

c. Urdu            iii. Nagari

d. Santali         iv. Pictography


       a b c d

(A) iii iv i ii

(B) iv i ii iii

(C) i ii iii iv

(D) ii iii iv i

Answer: (A)


34. Hindi ‘rani’, Sanskrit ‘maharani’ aurangreji ‘naukarani’ hai.” Whose statement is this?

(A) Ram Chandra Shukla

(B) Shyam Sundar Das

(C) Camil Bulke

(D) Ram Khelawan Pandey

Answer: (C)


35. How can we save the extincting mother tongue?

(A) By linking it with education and employment.

(B) By love of mother tongue.

(C) By creative writing.

(D) By propaganda.

Answer: (A)


36. What is the principal ‘Ras’ in ‘Bisal Dev Raso’?

(A) Veer Ras

(B) Shringar Ras

(C) Hasya Ras

(D) Veebhatsa Ras

Answer: (A)


37. Who is the author of ‘Ram Charit Manasa’?

(A) Valmiki

(B) Vyas

(C) Tulsidas

(D) Surdas

Answer: (C)


38. What was the objective of writing Mahabharata?

(A) Description of war

(B) To establish ‘Karm’

(C) To show uselessness of material world

(D) The result of greediness

Answer: (C)


39. Who is the writer of ‘Katha Sarit Sagar’?

(A) Gunadhya

(B) Kamban

(C) Vishnu Sharma

(D) Biharilal

Answer: (A)


40. Who is the author of ‘Meghadootam’?

(A) Bhawabhuti

(B) Kalidas

(C) Bhas

(D) Ashwaghosh

Answer: (B)


41. What is ‘Dingal’?

(A) Old Rajasthani Language

(B) A fruit

(C) Damaru

(D) Dance of Shankar

Answer: (A)


42. When was Meerabai born?

(A) 1446 A.D.

(B) 1456 A.D.

(C) 1498 A.D.

(D) 1520 A.D.

Answer: (C)


43. How many parts are in ‘Bijak’?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 10

(D) 9

Answer: (A)


44. What is the language of ‘Sursagar’?

(A) Awadhi

(B) Brajbhasa

(C) Rajasthani

(D) Hindi

Answer: (B)


45. What kind of devotional poet was Kabirdas?

(A) Sagun

(B) Nirgun

(C) Prem Margi

(D) Modern

Answer: (B)


46. Identify the poet belonging to Ritikal

(A) Jayasi

(B) Chand Bardai

(C) Raidas

(D) Biharilal

Answer: (D)


47. Who is an Adivasi poet among the following?

(A) Phakirmohan Senapati

(B) Sarla Devi

(C) Bhima Bhoi

(D) Gopinath Mohanti

Answer: (C)


48. Which script is popularly used for Assamia language?

(A) Deonagari

(B) Pictograph

(C) Assamia

(D) Bangla

Answer: (C)


49. Who is the writer of the novel ‘Charitraheen’?

(A) Sarat Chandra

(B) Rabindranath Tagore

(C) Michael Madhusudan Dutt

(D) Mahashweta Devi

Answer: (A)


50. Identify the correct match:

Writer                                      Book

a. Bharatendu                          i. Titali

b. Agyeya                                ii. Karmbhumi

c. Premchand                          iii. Bharat Durdasha

d. Jai Shankar Prasad              iv. HariGhas par ChhanBhar


      a b c d

(A) i iii ii iv

(B) iii iv ii i

(C) iv iii ii i

(D) iii ii iv i

Answer: (B)


51. Which Rasa is called Rasraj?

(A) Veer

(B) Shant

(C) Veebhatsa

(D) Shringar

Answer: (D)


52. “Poetry, at bottom, is a criticism of life.” Whose definition is this?

(A) Wordsworth

(B) Coleridge

(C) Matthew Arnold

(D) I.A. Richards

Answer: (C)


53. Assertion (A): Literature inspires human being.

Reason (R): Because it touches emotion.

(A) (A) and (R) are correct.

(B) (A) and (R) are wrong.

(C) (A) is correct, not (R).

(D) (R) is correct, not (A).

Answer: (A)


54. What is more important in drama?

(A) Dialogue

(B) Story

(C) Stage

(D) Actor

Answer: (A)


55. What makes the style effective?

(A) Clarity

(B) Thought

(C) Imagination

(D) Suggestiveness

Answer: (D)


56. Is literature beneficial for life?

(A) Yes

(B) No

(C) To some extent

(D) To great extent

Answer: (A)


57. “Ramaniyarth Pratipadakah Sabdah Kavyam.” Whose definition is this?

(A) Panditraj Jagannath

(B) Acharya Vishwanath

(C) Mammat

(D) Bhamah

Answer: (A)


58. Which Kavyaguna is favourable for Veer Rasa?

(A) Madhurya

(B) Oja

(C) Prasad

(D) None

Answer: (B)


59. Identify ‘Upmeya’ in this sentence:

‘His letter is like a flower for me.’

(A) Letter

(B) Flower

(C) This

(D) Me

Answer: (A)


60. Who is the author of ‘Sahityadarpan’?

(A) Mammat

(B) Bhamah

(C) Vishwanath

(D) Dandi

Answer: (C)


61. For which region’s folklore Colonel Tod has worked?

(A) Whole India

(B) Eastern India

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Santhal Pargana

Answer: (C)


62. To which area the folk drama, ‘Tamasha’ belongs?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Whole India

(D) Jharkhand

Answer: (A)


63. Proverb is the expression of

(A) Folk experience

(B) Intellect

(C) Mantra

(D) Blind faith

Answer: (A)


64. What is ‘Damkach’?

(A) Folk dance

(B) Folk drama

(C) Folk song

(D) Folk song and dance

Answer: (D)


65. To which scholar of Jharkhand the Jharkhand Government has honoured with the life achievement award?

(A) Sharda Prasad Sharma

(B) Madhu Mansuri

(C) B.P. Keshari

(D) Yashoda Devi

Answer: (C)


66. Whose pen-name is ‘Akashkhunti’?

(A) Chitranjan Mahto

(B) Girdhari Goswami

(C) A.K. Jha

(D) Vinod Kumar

Answer: (B)


67. Which language is the field of study of Lakhikant Mahto?

(A) Kurmali

(B) Khortha

(C) Nagpuri

(D) Panchpargania

Answer: (A)


68. Who is the writer of ‘Namhai Edpa’?

(A) Dr. Nirmal Minz

(B) Prof. Indrajit Oraon

(C) Gopal Oraon

(D) Justin Ekka

Answer: (D)


69. Who has written ‘Santali Sahityaka Udbhavaur Vikas’?

(A) Dr. K.C. Tudu

(B) Ganesh Murmu

(C) Shishir Tudu

(D) Digambar Hansda

Answer: (A)


70. Which national award has been awarded to Dr. Ram Dayal Munda?

(A) Padma Vibhusan

(B) Padma Bhusan

(C) Padma Shri

(D) Param Veer

Answer: (C)


71. Which script has been invented by Lakho Bodra?

(A) Varang Chiki

(B) Olchiki

(C) Tolongsiki

(D) Sindhulipi

Answer: (A)


72. Who is the writer of ‘Poos Peetha’?

(A) Karamchand Ahir

(B) Chandramohan Mahto

(C) Parmanand Mahto

(D) Santosh Sahu ‘Preetam’

Answer: (C)


73. Who has written ‘Sembho Ro Dakai’?

(A) Rose Kerketta

(B) Julius Baa

(C) Mary Soreng

(D) Joakim Dungdung

Answer: (A)


74. What is ‘Karam Katha’?www.netugc.com

(A) Myth

(B) Legend

(C) Fairy Tale

(D) Dance-song

Answer: (A)


75. What is the equivalent word in Hindi for ‘Motif’?

(A) Lokokti

(B) Kathanak Rurhi

(C) Lok Tatwa

(D) Lok Vishwas

Answer: (B)