Indexing Periodical / Journal

1. Indexing Periodical / Journal: The word “index” is derived from the root “indicare” which means to indicate. Index is therefore basically concerned with indication of an object or idea to one who does not know where that object or idea is located.

            Index can be defined as a systematic guide to (i) item contained in or (ii) concepts derived from a collection. These item or derived concepts are represented by entries arranged in a known or stated searchable order.

            An indexing periodical is a regularly issued compilation of titles of articles that appear in current primary source journals. Generally titles of new books, pamphlets etc are also included.

Types: Broadly speaking indexing periodicals are of three types. Example: General index, subject index and index to individual periodicals.

a) General Index: It covers many periodicals in a wide field of knowledge. Example: Readers guide to periodical literature, 1900 -, New York, Wilson; British humanities index, 1962-, London, LA, 1963-.

b) Subject Index: This covers several periodicals in a narrow field or subject very often these also include new books, pamphlets, conference proceedings, reports, etc. Example: Library literature: an index to library and information science, 1921-, New York, Wilson, 1934-.

c) Index to Individual Periodicals: It restricted to a single periodical and usually issued on an annual basis. Example: Guide to Indian Periodical Literature: Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol1-, 1964-, Gurgaon, Indian Documentation Service, Quaterly.