Long Answer Type

“Information as a Resource and a Commodity”. Put forward your views supporting this statement.

Briefly describe the Intellectual Property Right.

Briefly describe the Internet protocol address.

Comment on “Every Book its Reader”.

Define a library network and describe its advantages.

Define data, information and knowledge.

Describe in details the anatomy of an email id.

Describe library related functions and activities of UNESCO. Describe LMS with examples.

Describe preservation reformatting in the library.

Describe searching and browsing of Internet.

Describe the accessioning activities of a library.

Describe the activities associated with serial control system.

Describe the activities of different categories of staff found in the library.

Describe the activities of OCLC.

Describe the applications of computers.

Describe the criteria for selection and evaluation of library software packages.

Describe the criteria for the selection of a library catalogue.

Describe the Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act, 1954.

Describe the different steps involved in planning a library and information science centre.

Describe the function of different types of libraries.

Describe the functions of a library committee.

Describe the history of library movement in India.

Describe the history of LIS education and research in India.

Describe the Information Transfer Cycle.

Describe the Internet applications.

Describe the library current awareness service.

Describe the library governance and authority for different categories of libraries.

Describe the library management software with a few examples.

Describe the library public services.

Describe the library weeding activity.

Describe the need and purpose of classification of books and cataloguing.

Describe the phenomenon of information exploration, and trace out the factors that are contributing towards information explosion.

Describe the present status of LIS education in India.

Describe the primary and secondary sources of information.

Describe the print material preservation and conservation techniques.

Describe the properties of information.

Describe the Ranganathan’s aspect of Reference service.

Describe the role of IFLA in furthering the library and information science in the world.

Describe the role of information in different contexts.

Describe the role of library in imparting different types of education.

Describe the role of library in society.

Describe the role of UGC in the growth and development of library in India.

Describe the role of UNESCO for the growth and development of library in India.

Describe the strategies in establishing Reference and information service.

Describe the ways by which digital documents can be preserved.

Describe Zipf’s, Bradfords, and Lotka’s laws of information.

Discuss how one has to determine the worth of a library collection.

Discuss in detail the different sources of fund for the library.

Discuss in detail the first law of LIS.

Discuss the methods adopted for the library budget.

Discuss the present status of library legislation in India.

Discuss the sentence “Library is a growing organism”.

Enunciate the role of librarians in different types of libraries.

Established the linkage between LIS and other subjects.

Give a sketch of the different generations of computers.

Librarians are the academicians: put your views in favor of the statement.

Put your views in favor of Library and Information Science as a Professional subject.

What are different types of documentary sources of information? Describe some of them.

What are the changing roles of libraries? Discuss.

What are the different components of a computer? Describe each one of them with block diagram.

What are the different kinds of catalogue? Briefly describe each of them.

What are the different types of Internet connections? Describe each of them.

What are the different types of libraries based on technologies? Describe all of them.

What are the different types of non documentary sources of information?

What are the need and purpose of Reference and Information service?

What do you mean by a social network? Describe the characteristics of a social network.

What do you mean by information need? Describe the different types of information needs.

What do you mean by library association? What are the functions and activities that are performed by a library association?

What do you mean by Library Consortia? Briefly describe the Indian library consortia.

What do you mean by stock verification? Describe the need and procedure.

What is a CMS. Describe with examples.

What is a discussion forum? Describe different forum features.

What is a discussion group? What are the different features of a discussion group?

What is called a library? What are the different types of libraries?

What is Email? What are the basic components of the Email id? Describe all of them.

What is meant by library cooperation? What are the different type of library cooperation?

Write a brief description of four standard bibliographic formats.

Write a descriptive note on binding.

Write a descriptive note on different schemes of classification of books.

Write a descriptive note on geographical sources of information.

Write a descriptive note on library furniture and fittings.

Write a descriptive note on library public relation and extension service.

Write a descriptive note on the areas of library automation.

Write a descriptive note on the components of Internet.

Write a note on circulation system.

Write a note on evaluation of a reference source.

Write a note on procession of library books and reading materials.

Write a short note on DDC.

Write a short note on dictionary and encyclopedia.

Write a short note on the advantages and disadvantages of computers.

Write a short note on the evolution of a computer system.

Write a short note on the types of computers.

Write descriptive notes on different types of reference sources.

Write descriptive notes on Indian Library Association (ALA) and IASLIC.

Write descriptive notes on Institutional repository softwares.

Write down the implications of the five laws of LIS.

Write notes on Consultancy, and Information Broker service

Write notes on library legislation in India after independence.

Write the principles of library building construction