National Social Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC)

National Social Science Documentation Centre (NASSDOC): NASSDOC is an India's Leading Information Centre for Research and Innovations in Social Sciences. It was established in 1969 as a Division of ICSSR with the objective to provide library and information support services to researchers in social sciences; those working in academic institutions, autonomous research organisations, policy making, planning and research units of government departments, business and industry, etc. NASSDOC provides guidance to libraries of ICSSR Regional Centres and ICSSR maintained Research Institutes.

To cater to the information needs of social scientists, NASSDOC offers many services. These include the following

i) Library and Reference Service.

ii) Collection of unpublished doctoral dissertations, research project reports, current and old volumes of selected social science journals of Indian and foreign origin.

iii) Literature Search Service from printed and digital databases, i.e CD-ROMS, floppies, online database, etc.

iv) Compilation of short bibliographies on request.

v) Study grants are made available to doctoral students for collection of research material from various libraries located in different parts of India.

vi) Financial assistance is provided for taking up bibliographical and documentation projects.

vii) Published bibliographies, directories, reference sources in social sciences are acquired in bulk for distribution among institutions and libraries.

viii) Document Delivery Service is provided by procuring books and journals on Inter-library loan or by photocopying the documents.

ix) Short-term training courses are organized for the research scholars, social scientists, librarians and IT professionals to acquaint them with the latest information and communication technology.


x) Cyber Cafe, to facilitate access to internet resources on social sciences.