How to Prepare for UGC NET Examination

1. Prepare Yourself for the Examination: Please note that unless you read seriously and devote sufficient time for study nothing can be helpful to you. There is absolutely no shortcut to success. Only your good, consistent and serious study or reading habit can help you to build a sound thorough knowledge base and in turn to achieve your goal of UGC NET. So be prepared for the hard work and faith on yourself. If other thousands of people can clear the UGC NET examination each year, yes you can also do it as you are no way inferior to them. There are some students who have attitude to lose before fighting and born with a habit of throwing the reason of failure to others. Kindly stop it. Utilize all of your time you got at home, during travelling and at office in studying without getting tired. Your destiny is at your hand and it is only six month away. Stop looking and devoting your valuable time in your favourite social networking site like Facebook, as it cannot lead you to the place where you want to go and it is spoiling your life day by day. It is only your will power that will make things happen. Make a habit to read anything and everything related to your subject or anything related to the subject that comes your way. Just remember you cannot achieve your success only by studying a month or two. If your aim is an examination like UGC NET, be ready to prepare for long term and always stay focused.

2. Purchase Comprehensive Book on the Subject for Descriptive Knowledge: This is one of the most important parts in your strategy. Try to purchase one or two comprehensive book on the subject so that you can have a grasp about the basic concept related to the sub-topic of your subject. In choosing and purchasing the book kindly consult the UGC NET syllabus. Kindly select only those books that cover the major portion of your UGC NET syllabus. As because, almost 80% of UGC NET examination questions are asked from the content of UGC NET syllabus only. You can purchase the book from your local bookshop or from Amazon or Flipkart. If you will spend your time in reading the contents related to the syllabus, you can have a cutting edge. While reading the comprehensive book page by page, kindly mark the facts related to the subject with a pencil. Kindly note that though the UGC NET examination is of objective type, you cannot read the objective books for long duration and remember the facts that are there. However, while reading a comprehensive book, your brain will remember the facts as it will be associated with some concept.

3. Extensively Use Internet for Missing Concept in the Comprehensive Book: There are hardly any comprehensive books in the subject that cover all the syllabus of UGC NET Examination. So, use Internet especially eGyanKosh of IGNOU, e-PGPathshala of INFLIBNET, Wikipedia or Google to cover each and every topic of UGC NET Syllabus.

4. Go through Your Personal Notes: Please go through your own Bachelor or Masters Degree notes to refresh your old stock of knowledge. Though nowadays the questions are of objective types but the descriptive knowledge will help you in solving many objective type questions.

5. Purchase Books on Terms, Concepts and Lists or Facts Book: Kindly note that now-a-days the UGC NET examination is of objective type, so you should purchase a few books were facts and figures are presented in the form of some list or table and they are arranged in a logical fashion i.e. ascending or descending order, table and such other. The subject-based dictionary or glossary will help you to understand the topic in a concise manner thereby saving your time and energy. So, purchase one or two books that deal with terms, concepts and different types of facts. You can also use internet to search for terms, concepts and facts however, printed books will be very much handy and will save your time. Kindly do not hesitate to spend one or two thousand in purchasing of printed books though such contents you can get freely over the Internet as because the time you are supposed to spend in locating useful content over Internet is more valuable than your one or two thousand of rupees.

6. Consult UGC NET Old Question Papers for Finding Valuable Facts: The old questions are hardly repeated exactly in the same format. However, they are periodically repeated by molding the question in a different pattern. The good thing is that though questions are different, the answers used to remain the same. So, if you go through the answer of the old questions and prepare a note of the frequently asked facts, it will be very much worthwhile. The old question papers or previous year’s questions papers and answer keys of UGC NET examinations are available in the UGC NET website as well as all over the Internet.

7. Practice Multiple Choice Questions Online: UGC NET is an examination where your thorough knowledge is tested through MCQs and practice is more required for objective type of questions or multiple choice questions than that of descriptive questions. Practice, practice and practice for MCQ or mock test online. Practice more and more to sharpen your examination skills and increase your chance of qualifying in the UGC NET Examination. Kindly remember your strength will only increase from a long time practice.

8. Stay Current and Up-to-date: Except the paper-setter, no one can guide you to answer approximately 20% of the total marks in the UGC NET examination. You should be able to answer them in your own by staying updated. So, try to consume all new and latest happenings in your subject by subscribing to different online groups / forums / blogs.

9. Attend Classes / Training / Workshop on UGC NET: There are several institutions, which provide assistance for cracking NET/SLET/SET. In reality, nothing can help unless you do not read and study of your own. However, if you are not a self-motivating person, attending one or two classes / training / workshop on UGC NET examination will motivate you and open your mind in several directions.

10. Manage Time at the Exam Hall: As now-a-days UGC NET examination is conducted through Computer Based Test (CBT) so, time management during the examination is a crucial factor for your success in NET. You should be able to answer a particular question within the stipulated time frame and be ready for this.