Verification of Bibliographic Details

Verification of Bibliographic Details: After entering the essential description in the book selection card the description of the item should be verified by the library staff for its accuracy. If the book selection card was filled in by the library staff, then this process is only to examine where he/she correctly puts the details from the source document to the book selection card or not. In case the book was recommended by the user the library staff can verify the details by the following means

i) If any copy of the book is already available in the library, then the original copy can be consulted for verification

ii) By consulting Bibliographies, Best Books Guides, Publisher’s Catalogues, Book Reviewing periodicals.

iii) Verification of the details can also be done by consulting online citation analysis tools, online databases, and other electronic resources like searching over Google search engine and so on.

            After verification, the “verified” data should be included in the card. 

1. Selection of Documents: Selection means taking into accounts the books that have been identified and chosen by faculties or other library users. Out of these books the ones are actually to be added to the collection(s) are selected. In this step, preliminary checking should be done so that the items available in the library or those on order do not get selected. The checking should be done with order tray, bills awaiting payment, public catalogue (i.e OPAC), etc. If the sufficient number of copies of the book are already in the available collection then these titles should be rejected. If the present budget cannot accommodate the cost of the item, then the item may be deferred for acquisition or otherwise it may be purchased.

In many libraries, there is a book selection committee that consists of the librarian, library staff, subject experts, board of management, and representative from users, volunteers, friends, and patrons of the library. The ultimate responsibility for book selection rests with the librarian. The acquisition staff is there to help him/her.


2. Mode of Collection Development: The following mode of collection development may be used by a library after the selection of the document-

i) Gift: A library may acquire material by gift. If serious efforts are made a library may succeed in acquiring rare and special books from the individuals;

ii) Exchange: Certain materials are not available for purchase. Such materials may have to be acquired by exchange with other institutional publications;

iii) Membership: Sometimes a library or its parent body becomes a member of society or organization whereby it might be possible to get certain materials free of charge or at a cost lower than the usual.

iv) Purchase: A document should be purchased if it cannot be acquired by exchange or gift or by virtue of membership.