NKN Vs NME-ICT: A meeting was held on 30/12/2010 under the Chairmanship of Secretary, DIT to discuss the connectivity issues of universities and colleges under the NKN and NMEICT. The following are the decisions taken in order to have seamless integration of NMEICT and NKN networks.

i) There will be two different list of universities to be called NKN list of universities and NMEICT list of universities.

ii) NKN connects its list of universities with a cost model of 100% by the project and NMEICT connects with a cost model of 75% from the project and 25% chargeable from the universities (it is 90:10 % for North East India).

iii) NKN does not provide any assistance to universities for establishing LAN whereas NMEICT provides support for LAN from the project. So a university under NKN list would not have to pay any money to get OFC connection to NKN, but it would have to invest 100% cost of LAN and get the LAN established on its own.