Manpower Planning

Manpower Planning: Effective manpower planning is a crucial job in the library system. It should consider both the existing staff as well as new persons to be recruited. An effective planning should be made for the personnel management at the organizational level itself so that at the planning stage itself the library system have a well defined, well structured and realistic manpower policy.


The preplan activities before manpower planning includes-

i) Collection of data for job specification and job analysis;

ii) Preparation of flow charting for various operation and system analysis;

iii) Subsequent quantification and interpretation of the data;

iv) Translation of the system analysis into manpower requirements.

            The points that should be considered in manpower planning includes-

i) The objectives and goals of the library and the performance to achieve these through implementation of services should be considered in the manpower planning;

ii) Besides the routine jobs the emphasis should also be given on changing circumstances, revised objectives and programme adjustment because libraries are constantly changing social organization. The social forces and new technology are always influencing factors of the library.

iii) The staff structure should facilitate the understanding of the role of individual responsibilities.

iv) Each staff should be given opportunity to make useful contribution to the general functioning of the library.

v) Motivation is of prime importance in a library because in the library it is the service which matter.

vi) Adequate communication should be maintained among the staff member and the staff must be kept informed of facts affecting their work.

vii) The manpower planning also should give clear-cut guideline about recruitment and selection, test, placement, induction and orientation, training and development, etc.