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Library Standards

Library Standards: It is desirable that a library should use standard specification. In this connection the following standards will be found useful:

i) Indian standard specification for library furniture and fittings: Part I Timber [IS: 1829 (Part I)-1978].

ii) Indian standard specification for library furniture and fittings: Part II Steel [IS: 1892 (Part I)-1977].

            Indian Standard Recommendations relating to primary elements in the design of library building (first revision), Delhi, Indian Standards Institution, 1977 recommend the following

a) Documents: 150 volumes per square metre;

b) Library Staff

            i) Librarian and deputy librarian=30 m2

            ii) Classifier, cataloguer, accession librarian and maintenance librarian= 9 m2

            iii) Administrative and professional staff not at service points = 5 m2

c) Users: Average area per reader in the reading room=2.33 m2

d) Services: Area required for services to users can be calculated on the basis of local requirements;

e) Others: According to Keyes D. Metcalf, Planning academic and research library buildings, New York, McGraw-Hill, 1965, P. 316 space for stairways, corridors, entrances, lobbies, toilet facilities, walls, columns, vertical communication and transportation, etc would consists of 30 percent to one-third of area for documents, readers, and service to readers and staff.

The dimension for table, chair, shelving and card catalogue cabinet can be taken from the Indian standard specification for library furniture and fittings: Part II Steel (IS: 1829 (Part II)-1977), New Delhi, Indian Standards Institution, 1978.

Stacks are required for reading room, staff’s room, seminar and meeting hall, for non-book materials and so on. While selecting stacks for any kind of library, the main consideration should be to ensure maximum space utilization, user convenience and easy movement with the stack room. The Indian Statistical Institution, Delhi has laid down a standard for wooden rack vide IS: 1829 (Part 1)-1961 Library Furniture and Fitting: Part 1 (Timber). These have been reaffirmed by the University Grants Commission’s Library Committee. These are very much in use.