Library Building and Equipments

Library Building and Equipments: Library is a trinity considering of the reading materials of various kinds, the library users of various denominations and a good number of library personnel. Library building is a warehouse of books, a workshop for the reader, and business-home for the staff. The building should be designed to supply adequate and efficient accommodations of materials, readers, and staff.

The planning for a library and information science centres arises out of a need. A library operates in a complex, dynamic, ever-changing and uncertain environment and as a social organization it has to take care of increasing government regulation, union activities and increasing community interest. It is always a growing organization and, with passage of time, some of the libraries grow into large and complex organizations.

In view of the above, sound planning is highly essential for a library. It is through planning that a manger can deal with a potential problem before it can take an ugly shape.