Job Description

Job Description: The purpose of job description is to identify a job for an employee. Job description gives a full understanding of the activities to be performed, duties and responsibilities. It differentiates the present job from other jobs and sets its outer limits.

For the recruitment of a professional staff, the librarian should clearly give a full understanding of the activities to be performed, his/her duties and responsibilities. Operations involved in each job are listed in proper sequence. Relations of various related jobs are indicated. Mental and physical abilities for performing each operation are listed. The kind of training and the length of experience required are also indicated. Wages payable along with other fringe benefits are stated.

a) Guideline for a Job Description: The guideline for a job description are listed in the following paragraphs-

i) Title of the job

ii) Provides explanation about the justification regarding the service to be provided, operation involved in each job and they are listed in a proper sequence. The position for the job may be a vacant or if needed new position should be created.

iii) Requisite materials, equipments, machinery and tools needed for the job are listed;

iv) Provides a clear demarcation of duties and responsibilities.

v) Mention to whom the employee is to be report to.

vi) Mention the subordinate to be supervised.

vii) Mention the relationship between this position and other position at an equal level;

viii) Identify the relationship of each position to the whole organization.

ix) Provide statement of the qualification for the position, physical abilities, kind of training needed, length of experience needed;

x) Provide condition of work i.e. surrounding, the time of work, etc.

xi) Provide statement of the salary range and other fringe benefits.

b) Merit of Job Description: The following are the benefits obtained by preparing the job description of each person in the libraries-

i) It satisfies the various administrative and personal needs.

ii) It gives a full understanding of the activities, duties and responsibilities to be performed by an employee.

iii) It is essential for the purpose of recruitment, training needs and later for performance appraisal.

c) Limitation of Job Description: The limitation of job description are-

i) Any job description cannot be perfect reflection of the job;

ii) Jobs are dynamic and so a job description can quickly go out of date;

iii) Job description demands constant revision to meet the changing needs.