Induction, Orientation and Placement

Induction, Orientation and Placement: Induction means introducing a new worker to his job, his co-workers and basic objectives and policies of the organization. This kind of initiation is helpful for an employee in settling himself to his new job. This can be achieved by supplying the new employee all relevant information about his job and the organization through printed / written document (staff manual) and verbal explanation by his immediate superior / supervisor.

            The induction and orientation programmes are meant for any person at any level while appointed because the newly appointed persons are not expected to perform the jobs with much efficiency. They must get acclimatized to new work environment of the library.

a) Purpose of Induction and Orientation Programme: The purpose of induction and orientation programme is-

i) To be acquainted with the objective, function, general policies and services of the library.

ii) To create a sense of belonging to the institution.

iii) To gain confidence in the particular department in which he /she shall have to work.

iv) To gain acclimatized or confidence in the new work environment.

v) To understand his/her own responsibilities.

vi) To motivate them to give their best.

            The above purposes are achieved by a well designed orientation programme. First of all the new comers have been provided information in general about the library and the parent institution, the objectives, goals, functions and activities of the library. They should know rules and regulations of the library, manner of working in the library. They should also know the organizational chart and hierarchy order of management, their respective duties and responsibilities and their specific rules in the work situation. The programme should include the library’s activities, services rendered, past achievement, relationship with other libraries and plans and programs for future development and the like. A special preference should be given to the particular department, in which the newly recruited persons shall have to work. They should also make a tour to the library to be introduced with other staff, to be acquainted with the library procedures.

b) Placement: After induction and orientation the jobs to be performed by the newly appointed members are handed over. Placement implies the assigning or a right job to the right person. Proper placement is instrumental in increasing output. It avoids wastage of human energy which may occur by absenteeism or accident. On the other hand a misplaced employee is a liability to the institution. He may cause serous damage to machinery and other equipment.