Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology (INDEST) Consortium

Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology (INDEST) Consortium: The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has set-up the "Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology (INDEST) Consortium" on the recommendation made by the Expert Group appointed by the ministry under the chairmanship of Prof. N. Balakrishnan. The Ministry provides funds required for subscription to electronic resources for 38 institutions including IISc, IITs, NITs, IIMs and a few other centrally-funded Government institutions through the consortium headquarters set-up at the IIT Delhi.

a) Organization: Those institutes that have static IP address(es), are configured to access the resources of the consortium; otherwise the publisher allocates Login ID and password to that institute for accessing their resources. Some resources, like ACM Digital Library and MathSciNet can only be accessed through static IPs. Local hosting of resources has only been considered for a few resources.

b) Membership: The INDEST-AICTE Consortium is an open-ended proposition, which all AICTE-accredited / UGC-affiliated institutions can join. Membership to the INDEST-AICTE Consortium is open to any private / Government-funded engineering / technological / educational institution / University for one or more electronic resources. The new members are required to sign an agreement with the INDEST-AICTE Consortium as well as with the publishers of electronic resources that they wish to subscribe. The consortium charges an annual membership fee of Rs. 1,000.00 (Rs. One thousand only).

Total members of INDEST consortium is 520 including Core Members (38) that include IITs and IISc (8), NITs, ISM, SLIET and NERIST ( 20), IIIT and IIITM (2), IIMs and NITIE (7); AICTE - supported Members (64); and Self-supported Institutions (99).

c) Functions and Activities: The INDEST-AICTE consortium subscribes to a number of electronic resources including full-text and bibliographic databases for various categories of institutions. All electronic resources subscribed are available from the publisher's Web site.

i) Access to Full text E-Resources: The access is provided to many online journals such as e-book, including Elsevier's Science Direct <>, Emerald Full-text <>, Nature <>, Springer Link <>, etc.

ii) Access to Bibliographic Database: MathSciNet <>, SciFinder Scholar <>, Web of Science <>, etc.

iii) Access to Portal: Provides access to J-Gate Custom Content for Consortia (JCCC) <>.

iv) Access to Open Access Resources: It includes access to Open Access E-Journals, Open Access Directories, etc.

v) Search and Browsing Facility: The browse and search interface allows to search e-journals and Backfiles subscribed under the consortium for various categories of institutions. One can also download the list of journals along with their URLs (in xls format) that may be used for generating Web pages for a Library's Web site by the subscribing institute.

vi) Training Programmes: The training programmes are organised in a distributed mode wherein all IITs, IIMs and IISc Bangalore may conduct training programme for the member institutions with financial support from INDEST-AICTE Consortium. Six such training programmes have already been conducted by IIM Lucknow, IIT Roorkee (Two), IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay and IISc Bangalore (Two).

vii) Mailing Lists and Forum: The Consortium has an active mailing list and a Web site hosted at the IIT Delhi.

The INDEST-AICTE Consortium is the most ambitious initiative taken so far in the country. The consortium offers the best possible price advantage ranging from 22% to 95% (Average > 80% +) through its pricing agreements with publishers as well as better terms of agreement for various electronic resources. Moreover, the consortium also provides technical help and arrange for in-house training for optimal usage of resources subscribed.