How to Prepare for UGC NET Examination

1. Hard Work is Must: Please note that unless you read seriously, no book can be helpful and always remember that the Rome was not built in a day. Your consistent and serious study can help you to achieve your goal of UGC NET. If you want to clear the UGC NET examination there is no alternative to hard work.

2. UGC NET Syllabus is King: Almost 80% of UGC NET examination questions are from the content of UGC NET syllabus. If you will spend your time in reading the contents related to the syllabus, you can have a cutting edge. The syllabus of the UGC NET examination is available in this website itself. Just consult the left hand side bar for more information.

3. UGC NET Old Question Papers are Valuable: The old questions are hardly repeated exactly in the same format. However, they are periodically repeated by molding the question in a different pattern. The good thing is that though questions are different, the answers remain the same. So, if you go through the answer of the old questions and prepare a note of the frequently asked facts, it will be very much worthwhile. The old question papers or previous year’s questions papers and answer keys of UGC NET examinations are available in this website itself. Kindly consult the left hand side portion of the website.

4. Your Personal Notes are Important: Please go through your own Masters Degree notes to refresh your old stock of knowledge. Though nowadays the questions are of objective types but the descriptive knowledge will help you in solving many objective type questions.

5. Stay Current and Up-to-date: Except the paper-setter, no one can guide you to answer approximately 20% of the total marks in the UGC NET examination. You should be able to answer them in your own by staying updated. So, try to consume all new and latest happenings in your subject by subscribing to different online groups / forums / blogs.

6. Attend Training / Workshop: There are several institutions, which provide assistance for cracking NET/SLET/SET. In reality, nothing can help unless you do not read and study of your own. However attending one or two Training / Workshop on the subject will motivate you and open your mind in several directions.

7. Manage Time at the Exam Hall: Time Management during the examination is a crucial factor for your success in NET. You should be able to answer all the questions within the stipulated time frame.