Guwahati Library Association (GLA)

Guwahati Library Association (GLA): The highly inactive Assam Library Association was behind the establishment of GLA on 8th February, 1993 by some enthusiastic library personnel at District Library, Guwahati. The first ad-hoc executive body meeting was held at the Department of Library & Information Science, Gauhati University on 2nd July 1993 and the first general body meeting was held on 6th December 1993. The Association carried out the following functions and activities-

i) Revival of ALA: The GLA is behind the revival of ALA in 1996. In 1996 when it was observing the Librarians’ Day at Guwahati District Library, in the afternoon session its platform was given to the living members of ALA for its revival and ultimately ALA got revived on 22nd February, 1997 at the 11th Annual conference at Gauri Sadan, Guwahati.

ii) Publication: The GLA in connection with its first annual conference in 1995 brought out a souvenir titled “Librarianship in Assam: A Challenging profession”. After that it published another 4 volumes of its souvenir and one Newsletter in 2001.

iii) Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Training: The first annual conference of GLA was held at Assam Agricultural University Campus, Khanapara (1995) and since then its annual conferences are being held more or less regularly.

iv) Librarian’s Day Celebration: Under the banner of Guwahati Library Association the Librarian’s Day was celebrated for the first time in Assam on 12th August, 1994 at Lakhiram Barooah Sadan, Guwahati.

Within its own scope, the GLA is striving for the growth and development of the Library and Information Science profession in Assam.