E- Journal

1. Introduction: According to Covi 1996, the “Electronic Journal” is ambiguous and it is not always clear whether the producers of a given title are referring to a distribution format for a print journal, an electronic archive of a print journal or a journal published exclusively in an electronic format.

            Broadly, E- journal may be defined as any journal, magazine, newsletter etc. which can be electronically accessed and are available over the internet.

2. Characteristics: The characteristics of E-journals are

a) Articles in e- journals are electronically submitted which help in the rapid publication of an issue.

b) It gives innovative ways of representing research results and other form of data, information, text, motion, sound, hypertext, hypermedia linkages.

c) The files or articles are electronically accessed using different technologies such as www, gopher, FTP, Telnet etc.

d) Ability to link reader comment and evaluation to published articles.

e) It helps in more efficient dissemination of information, rapid SDI services by libraries through e- mail.

f)  It lower cost per successful match between articles and reader.