Duties and Responsibilities of the Librarian

Duties and Responsibilities of the Librarian: The main duties and responsibilities of the librarians are as follows

a) Policy Formulation: The librarian is to formulate and administer policies, rules and regulation for the purpose of securing the most complete use of the library and to participate in the formulation of educational policies of the parent organization.

b) Ex Officio Member: The librarian acts as an ex officio member of all the academic bodies of the parent organization.

c) Library Budget: The librarian has the responsibility to prepare and execute the annual budget of the library.

d) Library Documents: He is responsible for all the professional job related to selection, acquisition, classification, cataloguing and maintenance of the library documents.

e) Library Service: The librarian is also responsible for providing the various types of services such as CAS, SDI, Reference and also for creating reading habit.

f) Secretary of Library Committee: He acts as a secretary of the library committee where he/she is responsible in preparing the agenda for the committee meeting by giving facts of each item, to issue the library committee meeting notice and to keep the minutes of the library committee meeting. The librarian is also responsible for keeping the library committee well informed about the day to day happening of the library.

vii) Library Representative: The librarian represents the library before the patrons of the library, the general public etc and act as the chief executive of the library.