Development of Knowledge

Development of Knowledge: The various stages of growth and development of knowledge are

a) Solo Research (Pattern Research): In the early days of history, there was a great deal of secrecy about research. So a researcher tries to carry out the research in one part of the world, individually without knowing about what has been done elsewhere. This stage was characterized by a large gap of research findings and its practical implication; as a result the growth of knowledge was too slow as compared to recent times. Different individual carried out research in different parts of the world simultaneously without communicating among themselves, so there was a great deal of duplication of results and facts, and sheer wastage of time, resource, and money.

b) Team Research: Nowadays research is carried out as a team effort, wherein sharing of facts, experiences, communication, etc. is greatly encouraged.

c) Relay Research: The cross breeding of ideas among scientific investigation lead to carry out relay research, where the experts of multiple subject work together to achieve a common end. The relay research produces a continuous cascade of new micro subjects each stimulating another succession in every area of subjects. This trend gives the universe of knowledge a continuum.