Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC)

Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC): DESIDOC started functioning in 1958 as Scientific Information Bureau (SIB). It was a division of the Defence Science Laboratory (DSL) which is presently called as Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC). The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) library which had its beginning in 1948 became a division of Scientific Information Bureau (SIB) in 1959. In 1967 SIB was reorganised with augmented activities and named Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC). It still continued to function under the administrative control of Defence Science Laboratory (DSL). Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre (DESIDOC) became a self-accounting unit and one of the laboratories of DRDO on 29 July 1970. The Centre was functioning in the main building of Metcalfe House, a landmark in Delhi and a national monument. In August 1988 it moved to its newly built five-storied building in the same Metcalfe House complex. Since it became a self-accounting unit, DESIDOC has been functioning as a central information resource for DRDO. It provides science & technology information, based on its library and other information resources, to the DRDO headquarters, and its various laboratories at various places in India.

a) Organization: DESIDOC has been divided into various sections such as Documentation Section, Translation Section, Reprography Section, Technical Section, Administrative Section, Library Section, Multicopier Section, Publication Section, etc.

b) Services and Facilities Available: The main services of DESIDOC are -

i) Information Processing & Dissemination: Collection of Science and & Technology information of DRDO interest, provide current awareness services to DRDO Scientists. This includes Newspaper Clippings Service, IEE/IEEE contents, Current contents in Military Science and Technology.

ii) Training: Training in the areas of library automation, database development, online searching, e-mail and internet use, technical communication, multimedia development and other relevant aspects of information technology.

iii) Technical Services: Providing reprography (photography, audio, video presentation materials), translation, communication (e-mail, Internet) and printing services.

d) Internet and E-mail Access: DESIDOC took initiative and started providing e-mail and Internet access to the DRDO Laboratories spread over the country, through 64kbps leased line connection from VSNL, Presently about 25 dial up TCP/IP internet  connection for top management are also being managed and monitored.

iv) Multimedia Laboratory: The Laboratory was established to provide multimedia authoring, designing and presentation facilities to the top management and the Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister. Expertise has been established in image processing, CD-writing, audio-video designing, desktop CD publishing and multimedia CD-ROM production. A few multimedia products were published and consultancy was provided to establish multimedia laboratories both within and outside DRDO.

v) Reprographic Facility: This Facility helps DRDO top management and scientists in their technical presentations. The Facility is equipped with a computer-based 35mm multicolour slide making system, a digital colour copier, high quality colour printers and video recorders, and provides high quality presentation materials.

vi) Printing Facility: A full-fledged high quality Printing Facility has been established which includes designing, layout, typesetting, DTP, processing and printing units for in-house production of DRDO publications. High quality multicolour printing is carried out with the help of commercial printing agencies.

e) DRDO Publications: DESIDOC functions as the publication wing of DRDO and brings out a number of publications, covering current developments in Indian Defence Research & Development. The periodicals published are

i)                    Defence Science Journal

ii)                  Technology Focus

iii)                DRDO Newsletter

iv)                DRDO Samachar

v)                  DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology (DBIT)