Book Order

Book Order: Once a book has been selected for purchase, then an order has to be placed to acquire it by typing from the book selection slip in a sheet or two. In case the book being ordered is an additional copy or a new edition of an available book, the staff would put down the call number in the book order slip. The ordering procedure relates to three stages-

i) Pre-ordering Work: Pre-order work includes the various jobs connected with the invitation of tenders or quotations, tabulating the quotations, fixing the suppliers, signing the contracts, and so on.

ii) Order Placing Work: Order placing work consists of tallying, scrutiny and elimination.

iii) Intimation to the Indenters: The library should inform the indenter(s)/user(s) about the action taken by the library for their demanded books.

The library generally tries to possess every type of information sources based upon the demand of the user which includes books, journals, books on tape, videocassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, electronic journals, online databases, etc.

The book selection section is responsible for the identification of potentially useful materials by consulting publishers' catalogues and flyers for the final selection to be made by the appropriate decision maker. Sometimes the acquisition unit is the primary collection development unit for the library. Activities centring acquisition also focus on securing items wanted by the library's end-users and handling financial transactions that are associated with the purchase or leasing of the item(s). It is a process that involves which materials the library should acquire by purchase or otherwise and getting the materials.