Bengal Library Association

Bengal Library Association: Bengal Library Association (Bangiya Granthagar Parishad), formerly known as All Bengal Library Association, was established in 1925 under the presidentship of Poet Rabindranath Tagore. Presently, the Association is housed in its four-storied building accommodating its office, library, class rooms and computer room at P64, CIT Scheme 52, Kolkata - 700 014.

a) Objectives: The Objectives of the Association are:

i) Propagating the importance of library and information services for individuals and for the society and developing awareness for the library and information services;

ii) Suggesting measures for improvement and expansion of library services for all categories of libraries in the state;

iii) Organizing movement for the improvement of the service conditions and proper pay and status of the library workers;

iv) Organizing conferences and seminars to enlighten people about the various aspects of the library movement and library services

v) Organizing training courses, refresher courses, workshops etc. and publishing books, periodicals, reports etc pertaining to library science and library services.

b) Organization: The General Body, the Council and the Executive Committee form the organizational structure of BLA.

c) Membership: Anybody interested in the library movement may become a member of the Association. There are five categories of members of the Association i.e. Patron, Honorary Member, Donor Member, Life Member, Personal Member and Institutional Member.

d) Functions and Activities: The Association is performing the following functions and activities

i) Library Service: The Association has a library of its own with a collection of more than 5 thousand books on library and information science and reference tools. The Library is open to all members and students.

ii) Publication: The first periodical on Library Science in Bengal was published by the Bengal Library Association in 1937 as “Bengal Library Association Bulletin – Bangiya Granthagar Parishad Patrika”. Presently, the Association publishes a monthly journal in Bengali with English Abstract named “Granthagar”. Besides this, the Association also regularly publishes books on Library and Information Science and library services in English and Bengali. The English collection includes Research Methodology, Book Classification, Phanibhusan Roy Commemorative Volume, Library Movement in India, etc.

iii) Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Training: Bengal Library Conference is a forum of the library users and workers where any person having interest in library services can participate.

iv) Course in LIS: It has been conducting a Certificate Course in Library Science since 1937, Special Course on Computer Application in Library Services, and Refresher courses for working librarians.