Accessioning Work

Accessioning Work: The accessioning work includes the following activities

a) Receiving the Books and Bills: From the vendors books are received along with bills.

b) Checking the Books: After receiving the books they should be checked for page missing, damaged binding, and for such other issues.

c) Arranging the Bills and the Books in Parallel Sequence: The books should be arranged in the sequence in which these have been entered in the order placed to the vendor.

d) Verification: Then the bill should be verified in regard to the order in terms of books received and the amount to be paid. The order slip with the bill and books should be submitted at the accession corner. If books are not received in time then reminder letters should be sent to the vendor.

e) Accessioning: The accessioning involves the following activities-

i) Entering details in the accession register: In the accessioning process, the details of the books are entered in the accession register. Documents are entered date-wise according to their receipt in the library. All purchased books are entered in the order of their bills.

ii) Entering accession number in the document: Accession number is recorded at the back of title page and on the conventional clue place of the volume.

iii) Certifying the bills: Accession number is also written against the respective item in the bill for purchased book. After entering all the items covered by one bill a certificate must be furnished on the bill which should be like the following. A rubber stamp for this purpose may be usefull


Certified that all the books as per the bill have been duly entered in the accession register vide numbers from ------ to ----.


f) Transmitting Books: Then the books are sent to the technical department for classification and cataloguing (processing). At this step each book should also be provided with a process slip (7.5 cm X 12.5 cm) as well as earlier order slip.

g) Transmitting Bills: Then bills are passed for payment.

h) Books – In-Process: The cards belonging to them, after noting the date of accessioning and the accession numbers, are filed in a tray labelled as “Books – In-Process”.





i) Accession Register: Accession register is the official stock record in the library about each document forming part of its collection; it is a bound register consisting of essential field in regards to a description of a reading material. This record gives a complete history of each book / periodical acquired by the library. The general practice in libraries is to have a single register in which all types of document whether purchased or received as gift or on exchange or as deposit is entered. But some libraries have the practice of using separate accession registers for gifts. When a book is withdrawn, then the corresponding accession slip is withdrawn or the note regarding withdrawal is given in the accession register. In case, a user loses a book, then with the help of details given in the accession register, the user may be asked either to make payment or to replace the copy.


ii) Accession Number: Every volume added to the library receives a serial number in the order of acquisition to the library collection. This includes book purchased or received in exchange or as gift. This number is called accession number. Cumulated volumes of periodicals, which are to be bound and preserved in the library, are also accessioned.